This archive is a work in progress, hundreds not yet added.  Shows in NYC/Brooklyn unless listed otherwise.  


1/28 Glasser trio at Sunview Luncheonette, with PG Six, Nick Hallett, and Ezra Feinberg

1/17 improv quintet at Shapeshifter Lab featuring Pete Remm, Hampus Ohman-Frolund, Dan Iead, and Mark



12/15 Roddy Bottum's Opera "The Ride" at Merkin Hall -  presented by Experiments In Opera; played Prophet synthesizer

12/4 Glasser Trio at Dither Extravaganza  (w/ Nels Cline, David Grubbs, Toby Driver, Dither, Rabbit Rabbit and more)

11/28 Creature Automatic at Cakeshop, with Onsen

11/5 Glasser Trio at 38 Orchard St (special guest Sam Kulick) special three show residency in empty storefront

11/2 Kevin Shea, Leila Bordreuil, Robbie Lee trio at Muchmore's

10/28 Glasser Trio at 38 Orchard St (special guest Russell Greenberg)

10/22 Glasser Trio at 38 Orchard (three show residency)

10/18 Brian Chase, James Ilgenfritz, Robbie Lee trio at The Stone

9/22 Blake Mills, Jackson Browne, Lucious, Marc Ribot, Smokey Hormel, Julian Lage and more; benefit for D'Addario Foundation at Bric Arts

9/11 Arrington De Dionyso - performance for bromiophones at Pioneer Works

8/3 Mary Halvorson / Robbie Lee duo at The Stone

5/1 Brian Chase, James Ilgenfritz, Robbie Lee trio at Brooklyn Firehouse

4/17 Che Chen, Amirtha Kidambi, Robbie Lee trio at Sunview Luncheonette, Lea Bertucci's Dense Mesh series

4/16 Glasser trio at Aaron Roche loft

4/2 Glasser trio at ??****

3/13 Bill Frisell recording for Creature Automatic at Electric Lady;  not a show but saved for posterity!

2/23 Creature Automatic at Pete's Candy Store; Bill Lessard poetry series

1/17 James Ilgenfritz / Robbie Lee improvized duo at Muchmore's

1/12 Norbert Rodenkirchen / Robbie Lee duo on WFMU, Irene Trudel's show



12/16 Seaven Teares at Roulette, w/ Peter Evans

12/8 James Ilgenfritz / Robbie Lee duo  (where?*****)

12/1 August Wells at the Beacon Theater, w/ Glen Hansard

11/11 Creature Automatic at Palisades, w/ No Sky God

11/2 Amy Mills / Robbie Lee duo at Silent Barn, for Feast Of The Epiphany extravaganza

10/20 Brian Chase / Robbie Lee duo at Trans Pecos, w/ Ryan Sawyer, Hisham Bharoocha

10/14 "The Ticket That Exploded" - James Ilgenfritz composition based on Burroughs cut-ups, at The Stone

7/26 Rachel Mason "Music of Hamilton Fish" at Joe's Pub

7/20 James Ilgenfritz and Udo Moll at Silent Barn

6/1 Creature Automatic at King's County Saloon

5/21 Creature Automatic at Union Hall, w/ Forever House

5/11 Creature Automatic at Bowery Poetry, for Prelude Magazine

5/6 Cassandra Jenkins at Silent Barn, guest

4/18 Rachel Mason bass clarinet quartet, LES street performance

4/9 James Ilgenfritz / Robbie Lee duo at Manhattan Inn

4/6 Creature Automatic record release show at Silent Barn, w/ Sam Mickens, Glockabelle

4/2 Roddy Bottom opera "Sasquatch" at Roulette

4/1 August Wells ??***

3/31 Lester St Louis large ensemble, at Shapeshifter Lab

3/24 Creature Automatic (where??**), w/ Rachel Mason


2014  (archive partially missing)

12/18 Brian Chase / Robbie Lee duo at Manhattan Inn

9/27  (what???***)

5/22  Brian Chase / Robbie Lee duo  where???***

3/20 The Headless Horsemen at Bowery Electric



6/28 Eleanor Friedberger at South St Seaport

6/15 Seaven Teares at Ibeam, w/ Battle Trance

6/9 Brian Chase / Robbie Lee duo at Silent Barn

4/29 Seaven Teares live on WFMU with Dan Bodah

4/25 Brian Chase / Robbie Lee duo LES bar

4/12 Baby Dee and Little Annie at Joe's Pub

3/31 Seaven Teares at Whitehouse, Boston MA

3/29 Seaven Teares at Wesleyan, w/ Matt Chilton group

3/18 Brian Chase / Robbie Lee duo at Public Assembly

3/13 Seaven Teares record release for Power Ballads, at St Vitus

2/28 Seaven Teares at Bowery Electric

2/17 Brian Chase / Robbie Lee duo, Manhattan Inn?

2/9 Dreadful Gate with Matt Sweeney and Mike Bones etc at Union Pool

1/31 Seaven Teares where???



3/13 Robbie Lee solo at Zebulon, part of Sam Hillmer's Practice series

1/25 Cass McCombs at Bowery Ballroom



10/14 Heresy Of The Free Spirit, Issue Project Room; JVW residency

6/14 Che Chen and Robbie Lee in Boston, MA where???***

6/9 Che Chen and Robbie Lee at Other Music  ???***

5/13 Cass McCombs at Water Sound in Hoboken NJ, video

5/7 Che Chen / Robbie Lee at Seth Misterka loft

4/14 Amirtha Kidambi graduate recital, played John Dowland on portative organ

4/6 Che Chen / Robbie Lee at Issue Project Room, w/ Loren Connors - Haunted House

3/11 ??? at Roulette  ***

3/8 Che Chen / Robbie Lee at Pete's Candy Store, w/ Brian Chase

2/4 Seaven Teares at Issue Project Room



12/14 Heresy Of The Free Spirit, Les Voutes, Paris FR, w/ Damon and Naomi

12/11? Heresy Of The Free Spirit w/ Keiji Haino, Brussels; JVW fest presented by Atelier Claus


10/9 Che Chen/ Robbie Lee, Creative Time Summit


9/20 Che Chen / Robbie Lee, Firemuseum @ Highwire Gallery in Philadelphia PA, w/ Brian Chase solo Drums N Drones

9/12 Heresy Of The Free Spirit, Boomslang Fest, Lexington KY

9/10 Heresy Of The Free Spirit, Baltimore MD

9/9 Heresy Of The Free Spirit, State College PA

9/8 Heresy Of The Free Spirit, Pittsburgh PA; w/ Keenan Lawler, Mike Shiflet



9/10 Heresy Of The Free Spirit, at loft in Baltimore MD; w/ Susan Alcorn, Andy Haylek&Paul Neidhardt, Dan Conrad

8/28 Che Chen / Robbie Lee, Glasslands; w/ Core Of The Coleman




April tour - Jozef Van Wissem solo; Che Chen / Robbie Lee duo

4/25 Garfield Artworks, Pittsburgh PA

4/24 Heaven Gallery, Chicago IL

4/23 Sugar Maple, Milwaukee WI w/ Jon Mueller (still one of the most amazing things I've ever seen)

4/22 Monk's Cafe, Dubuque IA (followed by night of terror... ask sometime)

4/21 The Project Lodge, Madison WI (played to actually two people because the promoter joined a ska band on a cruise and didn't tell anyone.  true story)

4/20 Art Of This, Minneapolis MN, w/ Paul Metzger

4/17 Open Lot, St Louis, MO

4/16 Open Lot, Nashville TN

4/15 Pilot Light, Knoxville TN

4/14 Eyedrum, Atlanta GA

4/13 Swandive, Louisville, KY


3/30 Lia Ices, Webster Hall


several weeks in early January - Dax Riggs recording in Austin TX




10/25 Che Chen/Robbie Lee at BAR, New Haven CT, w/ Jozef Van Wissem

10/24 Che Chen/Robbie Lee in Boston?**

10/23 Che Chen/Robbie Lee at Montague Book Mill in MA, with Jozef Van Wissem

10/21 Che Chen/Robbie Lee at Firehouse Gallery, Burlington VT (Greg Davis presents) w/ Jozef Van Wissem, Myrmyr

10/20 Che Chen/Robbie Lee at 941 Theater in Philadelphia PA, w/ Mary Lattimore, Jozef Van Wissem

10/18 Che Chen/Robbie Lee at Glasslands, w/ Elodie Lauten, Jozef Van Wissem, Tom Mulligan/Ben Owen

8/19 solo show somewhere?***

8/9 HMS Beagle at Glasslands, w/ Susan Alcorn, Maria Chavez

5/10 HMS Beagle (Che Chen/Robbie Lee) at Glasslands, w/ Jozef Van Wissem, Mountains, Kaia Wong

3/23 at Monkeytown (either solo portative organ or with Pure Horsehair?)

3/20 Lia Ices at Mercury Lounge

3/10 Che Chen / Robbie Lee (HMS Beagle) on Free103point9 -- Radio Ruido, "Transmissions"

3/1 Che Chen / Robbie Lee (HMS Beagle) duo at EAT Records; w/ Rick Brown, Casey Block



10/26? solo harpsichord set at Soundfix, curated by Jason Cady; w/ Nick Hallett & Emily Manzo



12/16 True Primes (Che Chen and Rolyn Hu) at Bar, New Haven CT - RL special guest

12/2 True Primes (Che Chen and Rolyn Hu) at McKibben loft - RL special guest