A decently comprehensive list, in no particular order.  Appearances on over 50 records, released by labels including Drag City, Matador, Domino, Northern Spy, Telegraph Harp, Jagjaguar, Glacial Pace (Sony), Fat Possum, Incunabulum and others. Also, here’s an out of date SHOW ARCHIVE.

Song & solo

Creature Automatic - Outrun The Rain  (forthcoming) prod. Joe Blaney

Creature Automatic - Dust Clouds May Exist (Telegraph Harp, 2015) voc, gtr, piano, bass, winds, drums

Robbie Lee - Sleep, Memory (I And Ear, 2006) first album of songs: vocals, guitar, piano, bass, winds, drums

private press CDr series:  Dog Run (2004) • New Music For Renaissance Winds (2008) • Creatures Alone (2008) • Three Constellations (2008) • Ricardo Sun (2009)• The Evening Star and The Morning Star (2010)

collaborations / bands

Mary Halvorson and Robbie Lee - Seed Triangular - (2018, New Amsterdam)

The Howling Hex (with Neil Michael Hagerty) - XI (2007, Drag City) mezzo-soprano saxophone, also touring electric bass

Glasser - electric; also Glasser acoustic trio with Eleonore Oppenheim

Che Chen and Robbie Lee - The Spectrum Does (2017, Audiomer Records) LP

Che Chen and Robbie Lee - Begin And Continue (2008, original Telegraph Harp) LP only

Norbert Rodenkirchen, Robbie Lee, and James Ilgenfritz - Opalescence (2018, Telegraph Harp)

Brian Chase and Robbie Lee duo - unreleased; tuned snare drum and flute harmonics

James Ilgenfritz, Brian Chase, and Robbie Lee (forthcoming Infrequent Seams)

Dax Riggs - Say Goodnight To The World (2010, Fat Possum) Robbie Lee co-producer and guitar/keys

Dax Riggs - We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love (2007, Fat Possum, prod. Matt Sweeney)

Love As Laughter - Holy (2007, Glacial Pace / Sony) keyboards, guitar

The Big Bumble Bees with Baby Dee (pipe organ), Eliot Bates (oud)

Wooden Machine Music & The Dreaming Habit – (unreleased) with Gustavo Turner; baroque flute, tapes, filters, feedback, guitar, piano, songwriting

Seaven Teares – Power Ballads (2013, Northern Spy Records)  portative organ, electric 12 string guitar, baritone guitar, bass recorder, bass clarinet, synthesizer; also engineering, production, mixing

Heresy Of The Free Spirit – A Prayer For Light (2011, Incunabulum)  with Jozef Van Wissem and Che Chen; I play portative organ, low recorders, electric guitar, bells; album engineering

Heresy Of The Free Spirit w/ Keiji Haino and Lee / Van Wissem / Jon Mueller – New Music For Old Instruments compilation (2012, Incunabulum)  baroque lute, baroque flute, Ebbe Und Flut filter, album production sequencing and mastering

Roddy Bottum (of Faith No More) - live performances of short operas Sasquatch and The Ride (2015, 2016 Roulette and Merkin Hall) Presented by Experiments In Opera; RL played Oberheim and Prophet synthesizer

Jozef Van Wissem – Nihil Obstat; It Is Time For You To Return (mix engineer)

Producing, Engineering, or Mixing

Dax Riggs, Patty Waters (live album mix), Onsen, Glasser, Jozef Van Wissem / Jim Jarmusch, Seaven Teares, White Blue Yellow & Clouds, Afuma, Stefan Tcherepnin, Charlemagne Palestine (cassette mix), Maryanne Amacher (“Petra” mix) and many of the personal projects listed above

everything else

Cass McCombs –  Big Wheel And Others, and Wits End (2013 and 2011, Domino Records), played bass clarinet, gemshorn, portative organ, accordion, guitar, old elec organ

Eleanor Friedberger – Personal Record (2013, Merge Records) 

Cassandra Jenkins – Play Til You Win (2017) omnichord, flute

!!! - Shake The Shudder (2017, Warp)

Neil Michael Hagerty - Victory Chimp audiobook (2011, Drag City) 

Lea Bertucci — Resonant Field (2019, NNA Tapes)

Kazu Makino — Meo (2019, Adult Baby Records, with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Greg Saunier, Amedeo Pace, rec: Sam Owens)

Baby Dee – Safe Inside The Day (2008, Drag City) prod. Matt Sweeney & Will Oldham, played renaissance clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone

JFDR (Jófríður Ákadóttir) – Brazil  (2017, White Sun Rec) contrabass recorder

Psalm Zero – Stranger To Violence (2016, Profound Lore)  flute

Onsen – Earthquake Weather (2016, Cosmic Dreamer) co-producer, guitar, electronics

Jozef Van Wissem and Jim Jarmusch – Concerning the Entrance Into Eternity, and The Mystery Of Heaven (2012, Important Records, Sacred Bones) mixing and mastering

Sound American SA7, with Lea Bertucci, G Lucas Crane, RL – Pauline Oliveros composition recorded by a lake inside a cave, led by Lea.  Nate Wooley's amazing publication

Lights / Cliffie Swan – Rites, and Memories Come True (2009, 2011, Drag City) flutes, gemshorn, low recorders, sexy sax

August Wells - Madness Is The Mercy (2016, FIFA records), saxophones, flutes

Lia Ices – Grown Unknown (2011, Jagjaguar), Necima (2008 Rare Book Room)

Xander Duell - In The Castle (2016, Ingrid), indian banjo keyboard, tuning fork loops, weirdness

Ezra Feinberg - Pentimento and Others (2016) alto flute, flute

Brightblack Morning Light – s/t (2006, Matador) flute

Fraufraulein – Extinguishment (2015, Another Timbre) Billy Gomberg and Anne Guthrie

Talibam! – Ordination Of The Globetrotting Conscripts, and Boogie In The Breeze Blocks (2007 and 2009, Azul Discografia, ESP-Disk) renaissance winds: crumhorn, rackett, etc

Udo Moll - ENIAC Girls (2019 forthcoming, World Edition)

The Post Romantic Empire Album (2013, Our Sweet Songs) inexplicable creation with Baby Dee, Little Annie, Matt Sweeney, Andrew WK etc;  baritone saxophone, portative organ, electric guitar

Living Bridge – played on songs with Sam Jayne and Lia Ices (2008, Rare Book Room). Also Lia Ices track for Esopus Magazine guitar, dulcitone

White, Blue, Yellow, and Clouds – Introducing (2007, I And Ear) engineering and production, saxophone, guitar.  Matt Bauder's soul/woo wop band, produced by Fred Thomas

Rupe Shearns (Matt Whyte) - To A Deer Outside Ithaca (2017)

No Sky God - Infidel (2015, Shatter Your Leaves) electric bass, tenor saxophone, 
baritone saxophone, portative organ, alto flute 

Kahoots – Fourteen Ghosts, We Ride, and Take To The Fields (2007, 2010, 2015, I And Ear Records, Sotto Voce, Telegraph Harp) bass clarinet, guitar, piano

Trevor Healy – (forthcoming 2017) medieval flute, melodica, bells, electronics

Matt Johnson – Cagefighter (2009) autoharp, bass clarinet



Vinyl, ep 5 (2016, HBO) original music with Matt Sweeney

Vinyl, ep 5 (2016, HBO) appeared on screen in "Wizard Fist"

The Flood (2015, dir. Frank Eaton) political TV ad

Under The Arc-Light music video for Creature Automatic (2015, dir. Amelia Martin)

Only Lovers Left Alive (2013, dir. Jim Jarmusch) - audio mixing for JVW score

BUNNi (2011, dir. Sarah Hindsgaul) - original music and recording

Rushmore (1998, dir. Wes Anderson) - appeared as "Isaac"