In addition to being a musician/performer, I love working with other creative music people to bring their visions to light, with a bit of Robbie Lee twist in the mix. I have worked on many eclectic projects in audio engineering, mixing, and producing, and if you have a project that needs something a little bit different and special, let’s talk. Also available for songwriting collaboration and all kinds of related topics!

I have a small studio in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, filled to the brim with esoteric instruments, as well as carefully chosen modern and vintage recording gear. The mix/overdub room is small but fully soundproofed, offering a unique space that falls in between a noisy home setup and a full size expensive recording studio (though I love to produce elsewhere too). I have worked on everything from video game music to mixing for contemporary classical, songwriter demo and full on pop music, and the farthest fringes of acoustic and electronic experimental sound creation.



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