solo songs

Creature Automatic Dust Clouds May Exist  (2015, Telegraph Harp)

Robbie Lee – Sleep, Memory (2006, I And Ear Records)

instrumentals (self-released)

Dog Run (2004) • New Music For Renaissance Winds (2008) • Creatures Alone (2008) • Three Constellations (2008) • The Evening Star and The Morning Star (2010)

everything else

Seaven TearesPower Ballads (2013, Northern Spy Records)  portative organ, electric 12 string guitar, baritone guitar, bass recorder, bass clarinet, synthesizer; also engineering, production, mixing

Duo album with Brian Chase  (unreleased) Brian plays solo tuned snare drum and live electronics, I play metal flute and wooden baroque flute

Heresy Of The Free Spirit – A Prayer For Light (2011, Incunabulum)  with Jozef Van Wissem and Che Chen; I play portative organ, low recorders, electric guitar, bells; album engineering;  also tours of USA / EU

Heresy Of The Free Spirit w/ Keiji Haino and Lee / Van Wissem / Jon Mueller – New Music For Old Instruments compilation (2012, Incunabulum)  baroque lute, baroque flute, Ebbe Und Flut filter, album production sequencing and mastering

Duo album with Mary Halvorson – (forthcoming 2016, Taiga)  Mary plays acoustic guitar, harp guitar, six string gut strung banjo, I play 8-key romantic-era conical flute and baroque flute;

Long-running duo with Che Chen; The Spectrum Does (forthcoming 2016 Audiomer), Begin and Continue (LP only, Telegraph Harp TH-03), Triangulations (CD-R)

Wooden Machine Music – (unreleased) with Gustavo Turner; baroque flute, tapes, filters, feedback

The Big Bumble Bees (future release on Tin Angel, UK) with Baby Dee, Eliot Bates

Bunni short film (2012) songs, guitar

touring bands

The Howling Hex – XI – (2007, Drag City) mezzo soprano saxophone in F, alto flute; I also was a touring member

Dax RiggsWe Sing Of Only Blood Or Love (2007, Fat Possum) grand piano… and Say Goodnight To The World (2010, Fat Possum) producer, guitar, piano, saxophone, arrangements;  did several large tours of USA and festivals

Love As Laughter – Holy (2008, Glacial Pace / Sony)  keyboards, guitar, several large tours

projects with friends

Eleanor Friedberger – Personal Record (2013, Domino Records) woodwinds, portative organ

Cass McCombs –  Big Wheel, Wits End (2013 and 2011, Domino Records) flutes, gemshorn, chalumeau, portative organ, accordion, guitar

Jozef Van Wissem and Jim Jarmusch – Concerning the Entrance Into Eternity, The Mystery Of Heaven (2012, Important Records, Sacred Bones) mixing and mastering

The Post Romantic Empire Album (2013, Our Sweet Songs) inexplicable creation feature an incredible cast;  baritone saxophone, portative organ, electric guitar

Kahoots – Fourteen Ghosts, We Ride, Play Something You Know (2007, 2010, 2013, I And Ear Records, Sotto Voce, unreleased) bass clarinet, guitar, piano

Lights / Cliffie Swan – Rites, Memories Come True (2009, 2011, Drag City) flutes, gemshorn, low recorders, sexy sax

Baby Dee – Safe Inside The Day (2008, Drag City) chalumeau, saxophones, bass clarinet ((incredible album produced by Matt Sweeney and Will Oldham, with Andrew WK and more!))

Lia Ices – Grown Unknown (2011, Jagjaguar), Necima (2008 Rare Book Room) various

Talibam! – Ordination Of The Globetrotting Conscripts, Boogie In The Breeze Blocks (2007 and 2009, Azul Discografia, ESP-Disk) renaissance winds: crumhorn, rackett, etc

Living Bridge – played on songs with Sam Jayne and Lia Ices (2008, Rare Book Room)

White, Blue, Yellow, and Clouds – Introducing (2007, I And Ear) engineering and production, saxophone, guitar

Brightblack Morning Light – s/t (2006, Matador) flute

Fraufraulein – Extinguishment (2015, Another Timbre) Billy Gomberg and Anne Guthrie

No Sky God – (2015, Shatter Your Leaves)